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KTM’s Rising Star: Pedro Acosta’s Path to Premier Class

Pedro Acosta, a mere 19-year-old, is already making waves in the world of motorcycle racing. With his impressive skills and remarkable performances, he’s caught the eye of KTM, who have promised him a spot in the premier class next year. This decision has left many wondering how KTM will keep their current riders happy, but one thing’s clear – they’re determined to make Acosta feel at home.

Dani Pedrosa’s Faith in Acosta

Dani Pedrosa, arguably the best MotoGP rider without a championship title, and now KTM’s test rider, has voiced his confidence in Acosta’s potential. He recently shared his thoughts on how the young star can make the most of his upcoming position.

“We’re thrilled that Pedro is moving up to MotoGP,” Pedrosa told AS. “He’s proving to be really strong, and let’s hope this year ends on a high note. There’s still half a season left, and he needs to focus on finishing strong this year. Everyone at KTM will do their best to support him.”

Acosta has also been vocal about his admiration for Pedrosa’s enduring greatness. The 19-year-old Spaniard sees Pedrosa as a mentor and someone he can learn from as he enters the premier class.

“There’s a lot of wisdom in his approach,” Pedrosa responded to Acosta’s compliments. “He’s already thinking about how he’ll perform next year, which shows a lot of intelligence.”

Handling the Pressure

However, with immense talent comes great pressure. Acosta will undoubtedly face significant pressure next year due to the hype around his rookie season. Pedrosa acknowledges this and believes that Acosta will notice a significant change in media attention as he transitions into MotoGP.

“He’ll definitely notice the increase in media attention because MotoGP gets a lot more coverage than the lower categories. With his skills and results, there will be high expectations, and he’ll attract many fans who will be glued to their TVs for his first race.”

Despite the pressure, Pedrosa believes that Acosta has what it takes to succeed. He’s shown his ability to adapt quickly, as seen in his performances already in Moto3. Acosta’s talent and determination make him a special rider, but Pedrosa emphasizes the importance of not putting too much pressure on him.

“Given what he’s shown, there’s no denying his potential, but we shouldn’t burden him with too much pressure.”

Cruising to great heights: Pedro Acosta celebrating his thrilling win and 2021 Moto3™ World Championship in his rookie year at the Algarve International Circuit ©KTM Online Press Center

Choosing the Right Team

One critical question for KTM is where to place Acosta – in their factory team or satellite team. Pedrosa believes that both teams are excellent and will provide Acosta with the support he needs to succeed.

“In our case, both teams are top-notch, and either of them will offer strong support. Maybe the crucial point is more about mentality, knowing if you’re in the primary or secondary team. But in terms of technical support, both teams are very capable.”

As the MotoGP world eagerly awaits Acosta’s debut in the premier class, one thing is clear – Pedro Acosta is a rising star with enormous potential. With Dani Pedrosa’s guidance and KTM’s support, Acosta has all the tools he needs to make a significant impact in MotoGP. The future looks bright for this young Spanish sensation, and fans can’t wait to see what he’ll achieve in the years to come.

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