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MotoGP Introduces Revised Concession System to Boost Struggling Manufacturers

Background and Need for Change

In a long-awaited announcement, MotoGP has unveiled its revised system of technical Concessions. This move comes as a response to the growing divide between the performance of European and Japanese factories in recent years. The previous Concessions system was rendered ineffective once Aprilia achieved enough podium results to join the other factories on the same technical rules. However, a clear disparity has emerged, with European factories dominating and the Japanese factories experiencing a decline.

Performance Disparity and Current Standings

While Yamaha and Honda managed some notable achievements, European bikes have dominated both the riders’ championship and the constructors’ standings. The introduction of a new Sprint race every Saturday has further exacerbated this performance gap, reducing practice time and making it harder for struggling manufacturers to close the technical gap.

Revised Concession System Overview

Taking into account Suzuki’s recent shock exit, the Motorcycle Sports Manufacturers Association (MSMA) has agreed upon a revised Concession system. Unlike the previous system based on podium finishes, the new system determines access to Concessions based on the percentage of maximum constructors’ points scored.

Concession Rankings and Eligibility

Under the revised system, Concessions are ranked from A to D, determined by the results of the 2023 constructors’ standings. This ranking dictates the Concessions each manufacturer is eligible for. For instance, Ducati is set to miss out on any wild-cards next season, while Honda and Yamaha will have various advantages, including more engine changes and private testing opportunities.

Recalibration and Adjustments

The recalibration of each Concession ranking occurs in two ‘windows,’ with adjustments including changes in test tyre allowance, private testing opportunities, wildcard allowances, and aero updates based on the manufacturer’s rank. Changes in rank also impact engine allowances and specifications for the following season.

Conclusion: Leveling the Playing Field

The introduction of the revised Concession system in MotoGP aims to level the playing field and provide struggling manufacturers with the necessary tools for enhancement. By offering more opportunities for development and adjustments based on performance, MotoGP hopes to create a more competitive and exciting racing environment for both manufacturers and fans alike.

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