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Marquez Matches Accident Record in Malaysian MotoGP

Breaking Records, Breaking Falls – Marquez Style!

The Malaysian MotoGP weekend wasn’t all smooth rides; it had its fair share of spills, and guess who stole the show? Yep, you guessed it – our mate Marc Marquez. He did a spectacular job matching his own record of 27 falls in a season, a feat he first pulled off back in 2017. And get this, he did it with three rounds missed and a couple of Sunday races turned into chill sessions due to injuries. Talk about commitment!

Marquez’s Not-So-Serious Take

Now, Marquez being Marquez, he cracked a joke about it, saying, “We had to break one record this year! It’s the falls, which is not the best feeling, but it means we are trying. Even knowing that we have only a few races left [at Honda], I continue to push. It shows my commitment to the brand, to continue giving 100% on the track.”

Teammates in Tumble

His partner in crime, Joan Mir, also had his fair share of gravity checks, totaling 23 falls this season. Together, these Repsol Honda guys racked up a grand total of 50 falls, making it look like synchronized falling should be an Olympic sport!

Looking Forward to the Crash Highlights

Quick note: the accident count only includes grand prix weekends, not the times they slipped on banana peels during official test sessions. With two more race weekends to go, Marquez is gearing up for what we hope will be more track action than acrobatics.

Marquez’s Bumpy Weekend

Now, let’s talk about the grand prix day. After Marquez hit the deck for the 27th time during the Saturday Sprint, he decided to play it cool during the main race, cruising to a respectable 13th place and snagging three points. Reflecting on the weekend, Marquez laughed it off, “It has been a difficult Sunday to end a complicated weekend, really it all came from qualifying on Saturday.” Apparently, tow antics with Franco Morbidelli in qualifying and a sliding adventure with Augusto Fernandez kept things interesting.

Starting from the 20th spot is no picnic, and Marquez’s bike feelings were a bit like his Sprint race – bumpy. But hey, he salvaged some points and is already eyeing the next challenge in Qatar. “We have another tough race coming up in Qatar where we can try and improve our situation and results. Let’s keep on going and get ready for the next one.”

Mir’s Comedy of Errors

Mir, on the other hand, joined the gravity club, crashing in the main race. Summing it up, he said, “The summary of our weekend is that I am still working, I am still pushing, and I am not giving up – that’s why I crashed.” He even managed a little tussle with Marquez during the race, although he blamed it on the hot Malaysian conditions messing with his tire pressure.

Mir’s stoked about the little battle, saying, “It’s nice to fight with Marc. In another year, that would have been fighting for the podium! We try again in the next one.”

Wrapping it Up – The Daredevils Push On

As the season edges closer to the finish line, Marquez and Mir are dead set on squeezing every drop of thrill out of the remaining races. Despite the falls, spills, and general chaos, their commitment and determination are as solid as a well-tuned engine. Get ready for more two-wheeled shenanigans as these daredevils keep pushing the limits and, most importantly, having a blast on the track!

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