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2023 Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix: Zarco’s Victory, Last Lap Drama, and Safety First


The Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix last weekend was a rollercoaster of emotions, from Johann Zarco’s long-awaited victory to the thrilling last lap showdown and the cancellation of the sprint race due to wild weather conditions. In this post, we’ll take you on a journey through the heart-pounding action at Phillip Island, where history was made, and the riders demonstrated their unyielding determination. Let’s dive into the unforgettable moments that defined the 2023 Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix.

Zarco’s Historic Win

The Phillip Island Grand Prix witnessed history in the making as Johann Zarco clinched his first-ever MotoGP victory after a seven-year wait. Zarco, riding for Prima Pramac Racing, had been chasing that elusive win for over 120 races. His dramatic victory came in the final lap, where he pulled off a perfectly timed move to outpace his teammate and title contender, Jorge Martin. The atmosphere was electric as Zarco crossed the finish line, capturing the overwhelming emotions of the moment. This win not only ended Zarco’s drought but also proved that dedication and perseverance can lead to glory. Cherry on top was of course Zarco’s tradition of doing a backflip for the fans in full riding gear right after the win. 33-year old frenchman definitely showed everyone that “he’s still got it!”

The Last Lap Drama

The race at Phillip Island had no shortage of drama, especially in the thrilling last lap. Jorge Martin, who had led for most of the race, found himself under immense pressure from Johann Zarco and Francesco Bagnaia. With only a slim lead of four tenths of a second, Martin faced a relentless pursuit from his teammate and a closest rival. As they entered the final lap, Zarco made a daring move at Turn 4, overtaking Martin and taking the lead. Bagnaia quickly followed suit, pushing Martin to third place. Zarco kept his head cool and emerged victorious, etching his name into the history books. Bagnaia secured second place, and after a heated battle the last podium slot was clinched unexpectedly by Fabio Di Giannantonio.

Bagnaia’s Title Charge

Francesco Bagnaia, the championship leader, seized the opportunity to extend his lead as his closest rival, Jorge Martin, slipped to fifth place. Bagnaia’s strategic move was a game-changer, extending his lead in the championship race to a commanding 27 points with just four rounds left in the season. The battle for the championship is in full blast, and Bagnaia’s performance in Australia showcased his determination to claim the title and to be crowned back-to-back champion.

The Cancellation of the Sprint Race

The anticipation was high for the Tissot Sprint Race, which was already a topic of controversy, as it was shuffled with the main race and moved from Saturday to Sunday. However, the unpredictable weather turned from bad to worse. With strong winds of up to 80 kilometers per hour and a heavy downpour of rain, the safety of the riders and fans became questionable. It led to the race’s cancellation and while it was undoubtedly disappointing, the decision was the right one, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing safety in MotoGP. Even six-time world champion Marc Marquez agreed that it was the only sensible decision, given the circumstances. The wild and unpredictable weather at Phillip Island, including multiple animal encounters, has been a recurring challenge for the organizers. For riders and fans, it has definitely added an extra twist to the races.


The 2023 Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix will be remembered for its unforgettable moments, including Johann Zarco’s historic win, the last lap drama, and the reminder that safety always comes first in the world of high-speed racing. As the riders head to Thailand for the next round, the excitement continues to build. Stay tuned for more thrilling action as the battle for the championship title keeps heating up more and more!

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